General Information


Carolyn is in the office every morning from 8:15 until to 12:30 Monday to Friday. School fees and other matters requiring her attention can be handed to her in the reception area. Fees or any monies must be sealed in a labelled envelope.


The school will be open from 07:30 for your convenience. Children are not to be left without a staff member in attendance. Please do your best to adhere firmly to the school hours, as the school programme has been worked out accordingly.

Chicken & Duck Groups: 08:15 to 12:15
Bunny Group: 08:30 to 12:15 (The Bunny group will finish at 12:00 for the first half of the first term thereafter they will finish school at 12:15)


Car stickers must please always be displayed on your vehicles. You will be allocated 2 car stickers for your convenience. Should you require a third sticker, please collect one from reception. For security reasons, we are required to keep a register of all stickers handed out. Please ensure that you remove the sticker should you change car ownership. We sincerely appeal to you to heed Dainfern College regulations and be most courteous to the gate security and all those associated with the College and grounds.


For the Chicken and Duck groups, we would like to encourage as much independence as possible, and as soon as your child is ready to take this big step – you may drop him/her off at the front doors. A staff member will be in attendance from 07:15 to 08:15 to monitor the entry of the children. We do welcome the occasional visit from parents (before 08:00) to watch their little ones show off some work that they may be proud of, but we do ask that you leave by 08:15 to allow the class to settle into its routine.
Bunny group children must please be accompanied to their classroom using their own entrance on the East Side of the building.


Please dress your child in play clothes only. The children are encouraged to participate in all activities and should not have to concern themselves with keeping clean. You will be notified in advance of school outings when a different dress code may apply.
Please try and encourage your child to take responsibility for his/her own belongings. Labelling clothes, lunchboxes, hats, raincoats etc. does make it easier for all concerned.


Bunny Group: 12:15 (First half of the first term the Bunny Group will finish at 12:00)
Chicken & Duck Groups: 12:15 to 12:30

There is a 15 minute collection period and we would appreciate your cooperation in this regard. We cannot take responsibility for children on the property after 12:30 (unless especially arranged by the school) and it is unfair on your child to be collected late. On the same account, please avoid collecting your child before school ends as this disrupts our story and can spoil this special time for the children. We ask that you remain out of sight until you see the teacher dismiss the children.

The entrance/exits are monitored at home time and no child will be allowed to leave the school grounds unaccompanied. Please do not send your child to your car or to run an errand without you. Should you wish to chat to the teacher or to the other moms or dads, please do so within the fenced areas to avoid the children adopting a lax attitude about the ‘out of bounds’ areas (e.g. car park)

Please note: LIFT ARRANGEMENTS, HAPPENINGS OR EVENTS OUT OF THE ORDINARY must please be conveyed to the class teacher as well as the classroom assistant. In this way we are able to oversee that children who have lift arrangements out of the ordinary are allowed to go with the person in question. Should your arrangements change during the course of the morning due to an unforeseen circumstance, please telephone the school.


A waiting class will be available for siblings of Dainfern College only or for children waiting for an extra mural class. Since the staff is involved in preparation activities after school, children will be taken to the Bunny area and will be supervised by the assistant staff member on duty. Children must be collected from the Bunny classroom (using the side gate) by no later than 13:30 as there will NOT be a staff member in attendance after this time. To accommodate parents, who have children in Grade 0 to Grade 2 we will keep the waiting class open until 13h50 and we request that you collect your CRS child first. We require the names of the children making use of this facility and you will find a list on each teacher’s door. Unfortunately this service is only offered to children waiting for older siblings attending Dainfern College or children attending the aftercare. Waiting class will close promptly on a Friday at 13h30 for all children.

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