In recognition of the humble, farmyard beginnings of The Country Readiness School, we continue our group names of Chicken, Duck and Bunny.

Chicken Group:Children turning 5 during the course of the year.

Duck Group: Children turning 4 during the course of the year.

Bunny Group: This is conceived as a bridging group for children between 2 and a half and 3 years of age (at the beginning of the year), in recognition of those who have begun to outgrow the playgroup environment and are ready to confront the social adjustment of nursery school. In no way is it intended to bypass the very important stage of a nurturing playgroup environment.

Chicken and Duck groups are divided into two classes each and fall under the responsibility of the home teacher. All matters concerning your child are to be discussed with the home teacher. Should you need to speak to us, please try to ensure that it is outside of teaching times. Come that little earlier to school if possible, or arrange an appointment for after school. Unless it can’t be helped, the same applies for telephone calls to the teachers. Please try to phone before school begins (7:30 – 8:15) or during teatime between (09:50 and 10:15). Please be aware of discussing sensitive issues in front of your child. We would rather you make an appointment to see us or telephone after hours.

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